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KIPP Through College is Now KIPP Forward

KIPP Through College was created to ensure that all KIPP alumni have the tools, support, and confidence needed to pursue the paths they choose – college, career, and beyond. For over a decade, it has been our joy to watch KIPP alumni grow and thrive as they obtained degrees, opened businesses, earned trade certifications, and most importantly, lead fulfilling lives.  


Our goal with this new branding, is to ensure that our name represents all of the paths toward success that alumni take to create the future they want for themselves and their community.

We are proud of this more inclusive approach to defining alumni success; and while we are undertaking new branding what is not changing is the unwavering support of our team to you. KIPP Forward will continue to support our students, families and alumni in preparing, identifying, and achieving success within the educational and career path that fits their goals. 


We’re here for all of it – College, Career and Beyond!

Meet The KIPP Forward Team

Tamiko Lockett

Managing Director | KIPP Forward

980 216 9864

Lomar Osbourne 2023.png
Pamela Bland Bostick 2023.png
Brittany Wheaton 2023.png

Lomar Osbourne

Director of Postsecondary Success

and Alumni Progression 

919 443 9265

Pamela Bland-Bostick

Director of Middle School Alumni Success

704 326 9494

Brittany Wheaton Calloway

Associate Director, KIPP Middle School Alumni Success

919 724 3047

KIPP Forward Team Contact
Computer Learning

We Are Here To Help you Through High School 

KIPP Forward will work with alumni, families and school counselors to support students through high school so they can graduate college ready.  However, we know that many students take a non-traditional path to college or elect not to attend college at all.  Every journey is different. KIPP Forward is the starting point and roadmap for them all!  We know every KIPPster  won't go to college.  Our goal is for every KIPPster to have the choice. Do you need help becoming college ready? Are you wondering what to do after high school or how to plan, pay for and apply to college? These buttons are for you.



KIPP Forward  will be there after high school is over to help you fulfill your dreams

College acceptance is just the beginning. Graduation is the goal! We do our best to help you navigate and avoid the obstacles that keep students from finishing college.  Don't disappear when times get tough.  That's exactly when you should call KIPP Forward for help. 


What if your dreams include the military, trade school or a path to entrepreneurship?  KIPP Forward will be there to assist you. What if your education was interrupted?  Contact us. We can help you develop a plan to get back on track. 

There are many benefits available exclusively to KIPP Alumni that we can connect you with.  We send care packages and notes of encouragement to help you stay motivated along the way.  In some cases, we can even help bridge small financial gaps when times get tough.  The key is to get connected.

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